Time for dinner with Kitchensurfing

The amount that Michelle and I have to get done in a day, often feels like an unrealistic mission that we set ourselves on. Between the kids, work, our hubbies and LIFE there is a LOT to do.

What I struggle with the most - is eating.  My number one priority is to feed my children healthy, balanced meals morning, noon and night. That's a lot of meals to think about on a weekly basis. And they are good eaters! So we don't just pop in chicken nuggets. We cook real meals. With everything I have to manage in my life, I often skip meals because I just can't find the time to eat. Shame shame shame.

Well lucky for me (and my hubby who often eats cheese and chips for dinner when I don't have time to cook) some genius in New York City came up with a chefs on demand concept. Literally. A chef comes in with a wheely bag full of prepared ingredients, pots, sheet pans and cooking utensils.

Last night we tested this service for a romantic, relaxing meal just for the two of us.  We scheduled the chef to come after our kids were in bed so we could actually enjoy our dinner. Our chef's name was Claire. She arrived promptly and was incredibly sweet. Claire took over our kitchen for about 20 minutes and left us with an insanely delicious dinner. All I did was set the table.

The company is called Kitchensurfing and we're psyched to tell you that they are offering our LMP fans a dinner for 2 for FREE! For now the service is in NYC so if you're in the area you can click this special LMP KITCHENSURFING CODE to get your first meal for 2 free. Be warned...you will be instantly hooked. I've already signed up to have Claire come back on a weekly basis!

If you want to know more about what Kitchensurfing is all about here's their shtick...

Time for dinner. Kitchensurfing is a hassle-free way to feed your family each week with fresh, nutritious, chef-prepared meals. We empower families to eat purposefully and eat together -- bringing back the dinner table. We do this by removing the barriers to eating well by having chefs prepare meals for families in their homes. We put dinner on the table so you and your family can focus on what’s going on around it.

The Kitchensurfing Experience

Choose a day and time that works best for you each week, and our chefs will put a fresh, tasty meal on the table while you put the kids to bed, finish up work emails, or just relax. Our service includes:

A wide selection of fresh, seasonal weeknight menus, made with sustainable and locally-sourced ingredients wherever possible.

A personal chef arrives promptly at your scheduled time, preps and cooks the food within 30 minutes, serves your meal, and cleans up. Our food is cooked to order, at the proper temperature and consistency, served to your family at the dinner table. We bring all necessary equipment, and leave your place spotless.

We provide flexible scheduling so you can book, skip or cancel at any time.

Weekly Pricing For a couple -- $59 For a young family -- $79 For a family of four -- $95 *Price includes gratuity and tax.

Bon appétit! 

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