Turkey in Toronto


It was Thanksgiving in Canada this weekend. It is my all time favorite weekend to be home. The weather is perfect and the seasonal foods are killer. We went apple picking on Sunday morning and when leaving the Carl Laidlaw Orchard we couldn't resist grabbing a couple of pumpkins to make our table festive and the most beautiful flatbread I have ever seen. Spinach, beets and goat cheese and we just had to pop it into the oven for 5 minutes at 350. I'm not sure I can properly express how much I enjoy spending an afternoon cooking for a big dinner...with my family. I miss a lot of these functions since I live in New York. There were about 5 of us yutzing around in the kitchen, wine glass after wine glass, chopping brussels sprouts, green beans and figs. We wanted to make something crafty with the pumpkins...my son had chosen them to decorate but he quickly got distracted by all of his aunts, uncles and cousins. So...does it get more perfect? The menu! And later this week my Aunti Marissa will dig in and roast the seeds from this bad boy. My Aunti Marissa happens to be super crafty so when my sister asked if she had a gold marker to make a chevron pattern on the other pumpkin she screamed, no! But I have glitter! Want to know how to make a pumpkin chic? Tape the pumpkin where you want to see the pumpkin, glue and glitter. !! To mix things up my cousin started serving Bloody Caesars with appetizers. This is a Canadian favorite with Clamato, celery salt, lemon juice and Worcestershire. We always add a crunchy stick of celery to garnish. I stayed with my Aunt Marissa and cousins Bailey & Carly on this trip and they essential took over with my kids for the weekend. There is nothing sweeter then the bond my kids have with my family members. And boy is it nice to have a little break. To thank them for such a wonderful weekend I did a little shopping and found these amazing plates at Crate and Barrel. C'mon....What's the fig idea? HA! Great gift and so perfect for appetizers. Speaking of figs...My sister Mandy made a gorgeous salad. Figs & microgreens topped with buratta and a balsamic drizzle. It was the most photographed dish of the night! And so easy to make! Mandy styled it all onto a wood board. Was so pretty. Last but not least? The turkey! Aunti Marissa makes her bird with sesame seeds and just the right amount of spices. Her mushroom stuffing, green beans with almonds and smashed potatoes were the perfect sides. What a night to remember. Great food and my family. Definitely gives me a lot to be thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving, Canada! All of the shots above were taken by my sister.