We got Cheeky this summer


I think every summer I say...this was my favorite summer. It's hard not to when the weather has been perfect and we have been eating our faces off with our friends and family who (like Aunt Debi of Simply Beautiful Eating) took over our kitchen and cooked every meal for us. This doesn't happen over the winter!This summer was particular fun and colorful with the addition of Cheeky into our lives. I'll never forget the moment that I was doing one of my usual Target runs (oh, if you didn't know, I have an addiction) and I while walking through the paper plates isle I stopped and did a double take. My eyes didn't know which way to turn first. Polka dot cups, huge multi color dots on white plates, bright turquoise and lime cocktail plates. I mean...C'MON! Who thought of this?!CHEEKY did. And just when I thought, wow! What a cool brand. I quickly found out that they donate a meal to feed the hungry here in the US for every package of their products purchased. I mean seriously. Seriously!  Super cool.So this summer we have been setting our table with Cheeky plates, cups and cutlery and our tabletops have never looked so fun!  Then there was the party for my kid's 3rd birthday. Every year I throw him a pool party because his birthday falls on July 6th. I had my favorite baker, Angela of Making that Cake whip up the most fantastic cake I've ever seen...buttercream frosting with a chocolate ganache dripping down all topped with sprinkles and an ice cream cone. Along side mini ice cream cone cake pops! Could you die from these? I think it's safe to say...it really has been a fabulous summer so far. I am in denial about it ever ending and will savor every moment of these last weeks!