A First Birthday celebration…up above.

June has been a month of firsts for LMP…1st birthday parties that is!
Starting with sweet Indra who turned 1 on the roofdeck of his parent’s apartment building on Broadway, we had the most fabulous time designing and bringing this milestone to life.


Indra’s mom Sylvia came to us with a ton of incredible ideas of her own when we first got the ball rolling together and we just ran with them. With a color palette of clover green, sky blue, white and burlap brown we used moss, fresh white + green flowers and twine to decorate the already gorgeous roof deck that was so well equipped with planted flowers, trees, water towers, tables, chairs a hammock and benches.


The views from above were breathtaking and the best part of this all was that it turned out to be the most beautiful day of the year. The sun was shining but the air was slightly breezy making for a truly relaxing and enjoyable first outdoor birthday celebration especially for the proud parents of lil Indra…

We took great pride in the tables that we set up on this roof – starting with “Indra’s Lemonade Stand”. I am sure you remember Uncle Steve from our gardening Q&A and Camp Mandylane…well on that never ending list that I had given to him there was also a sign for this party. We thought it would be so cute to create a lemonade station for the drinks and desserts that we served and all of the guests just adored this fun detail to our set up. Not to mention Sylvia who we surprised with the sign and who opted to hang onto it as a keepsake.

To set this table we served lemonade garnished with lemon slices and fresh mint from the Union Square Farmer’s market, personalinzed bottles of waters reading “Me Thirsty” for the subtle skulls and bones theme we were working with, straws in a terra cotta pot that we bought at Michael’s and brushed with chalkboard paint to write on, Izze’s sparkling apple juice (to die for good), ice and an assortment of chocolate, caramel and pistachio macarons from Maison du Macaron on 23rd Street.


Next to the bar is where we had set up a bevvie tin filled with wine, beer and sparkling water for the guests to indulge in through the afternoon.


Across from Indra’s lemonade stand was where we set up the food that we ordered from none other then Cobblestone Catering. Under a cluster of cloud like grey and white tissue poms hung with blue and white baker’s twine, we set up “Indra’s Lunch” on porcelain white platters as well as our rustic tiered cake stand that we just love from Save On Crafts. We had covered the cake stand with fresh herbs from the market and topped with mini tenderloin sandwiches with a horseradish aioli and “sushi” sammies for the kids:  PB&J and turkey & cheese in tortilla wraps and hummus with roasted red pepper.

The scrumptious spread also included fun items to lunch on such as tortellini skewers, caprese pops and a trio of bruschetta.


We also served a crudités made only in green which was crisp, healthy and beautiful. And for the food cards we used mini terra cotta pots stuffed with moss. Couldn’t have been cuter or more seasonally fitting!

For the kids we had suggested using Dan from Apple Seeds, as we always do…cause he’s amazing and we love him. Dan leads the best class in the city called Songs for Seeds. So we set up a comfy area for the kids to relax and enjoy his music, play with some toys and allow the parents to be stationed on benches close by. Great fun was had by all while listening to the fun tunes that Dan played.


For favors that the kids could take home we had Ali design up some personalized “bubbles for me mates” that we packaged in linen bags from Etsy which Sylvia had found online and we just adored.


The day was great, the client’s were fantastic and the party was another LMP success. Thank you to Sylvia and her family for allowing us to be a part of this special day for Indra!

*All pictures above taken by our amazing Raquel Bianca.