In the name of Love.


With Valentine’s day coming up next week I was finally inspired to write the very long awaited blog about my sister’s big day…when she married Jason.

But we’ve got a few points of discussion before we begin here…

First off – I just recently wrote a blog post about meeting and working with, for the first time, this awesome photographer: Raquel Frechette…and here I’m gonna go and do it again.

When my sister got engaged last year, the first thing she booked…was her photographer. Before she had a venue. Um…I was concerned. But I’ll tell you this – I was quick to understand why she did it.

Scarlott O’Neill took some of the most fabulous wedding shots I’ve ever seen…aside from ahem, you know who.  Our Michelle…who was just featured in the SMP MAGAZINE (starting on page 81!!) for her to die for gorgeous wedding that occurred in August 2011.  Oh my!!

What I love most about amazing photography is that if done right – it tells a story. And my sister’s wedding…is a story worth seeing.


And here’s how the story goes…

My sister Mandy who you may know by now from her shower and bacheloretteparties…got married this past September. And yes…her new last name is Dick. (an irrelevant point, just one that makes me laugh.)


From what I have seen…the most important job for a photographer is to know where to shoot…and how to shoot it. Like take a really cool hotel for example. Mandy chose to spend her wedding day with the girls and our Mom at the fabulous Ivy Hotel. This is where many of the shots were taken both outside and in as it was a stunning day and Scarlett worked her magic to make this location look even cooler, if that was even possible.


The day was perfect. Good food to eat while we danced around to rockin beats and had our hair and make up done. It’s the times like these that are crucial to capture and Scarlett was there to snap the most special of these moments…


One of my favorite scenes of the day was the “first look”. Could this be any cuter? When Jason first saw Mandy and she saw him it was magical and so incredibly emotional to witness.


Mandy & Jason met when they were at Camp together so have known each other since they were kids. Their love is so honest and sweet which Scarlett had so perfectly documented when they got engaged and most especially on their day of getting married.


The wedding took place at The Fifth which was absolutely marvelous. What an incredible venue for an intimate wedding. They had the pre-ceremony in Cabin Five which was cozy and totally felt like camp which was so fitting for Mandy & Jason. It was the perfect spot for our gang to hang and prep to walk down the aisle…


This pre-wedding, family and bridal party time together, was followed by the ceremony and reception in the main dining room and terrace. The entire cocktail hour was outside. Unreal! And the guests were able to mingle back and forth between the dining room and terrace all through the night which is such a great feature for a event space.


Right after the nuptials the guests were prompted by the adorable Scarlett to step into the fancy photobooth that she set up for everyone to let loose, have some fun and take some silly shots…LOVED this!


In the world we live in today where we are completely engulfed in social media, it is hard to avoid being overwhelmed by inspiration when it comes to decor for parties especially, weddings. My sister who spends countless hours of her life pinning images that she loves on Pinterest had it all plotted out and well organized thanks to this site that has changed our life. I was seriously impressed by the details that her amazing event designers from Mode Function were able to execute and how it all played out in the rustic and beautiful space…


What else seems like the obvious today? DIY. Do it yourself. One of Mandy’s greatest creative strengths…and here’s what she did for the wedding…
Jenga pieces to sign for the guest book…awesome!


Personalized favor boxes filled with gold hershey kisses… adorable!


A dessert table with sweets from Bobette and Belle and vintage props for the platters…stunning and delicious!!


What makes a union as remarkable as a wedding is the people you share it with. Getting married in Toronto meant all of our relatives were there to share the joyous evening with Mandy and Jason which was pretty wonderful.


And of course a party isn’t a party without kicking up your heels to some good tunes which is exactly how Mandy, Jason and all of their friends closed out the night making for a party that was gorgeous, laid back, fun and one we’ll never forget.


To the cutest couple I know…I love you both and couldn’t be happier for you. Jason, it’s so nice to have a brother…and to now officially call you Uncle to my boys. Welcome to the family and cheers to many happy and healthy years together with my stunning sister, Mandy.