Chef Luke makes Apple Pops with Simply Beautiful Eating


Since Luke has taken such a great interest in cooking, we've been dying to get him together with Aunt Debi AKA Simply Beautiful Eating for a cooking show collaboration.  We recently took a trip to Toronto to make this happen and boy did we have fun!

When we arrived in Aunt Debi's newly renovated kitchen, we were so excited to see what she had in store for Chef Luke. They were pops. Aunt Debi had set out several different plates of toppings such as nuts, shredded coconut and a variety of candies. She took Luke through the steps of melting both white and milk chocolate, they thread apple slices onto sticks and then they got to dunk n dip! It was such an easy, fun, activity for Chef Luke and can be made at any time during the year.


Check out the video Crafty Maggie put together so you can see how much fun Chef Luke and Aunti Debi had together and the steps that it takes to make these pops yourself.