DIY Latke Flipping Game

Aunti Marissa is truly the master of kid's crafts, and this one was a total hit with the boys for Hannukah. It's the easiest game you'll ever make!


  • paper desert plate
  • glue
  • tongue depressor
  • 8-10in string
  • white and brown construction or cardboard paper

Step 1: Pick a paper desert plate of your choice.  The plate will act as your fry pan.


Step 2: Glue a tongue depressor onto the back of the plate as the handle of the fry pan.

Step 3: Glue a length of string or rat tail cord to the back of the plate opposite from the handle on the other side of the plate.  (Around 8 – 10 inches)

Step 4: Choose two colors of paper, one light colored and one brown for a cooked latke.  One of the latke cut-outs should be a lightweight cardboard to give it some weight.  Glue the two latke cut-outs together.  Glue the other end of the string in between the two latke cut-outs.  


Step 5: Time to PLAY! Hold the handle and try to flip the latke on the fry pan.

Add the following song to the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot”:

I’m a little latke round and brown

Here is my upside and here is my down.

When I am ready just take a bite

And eat me up on Hannukah night.

We know your kids are going to love this one. Happy Hannukah!