Harlow’s PJ & Pancakes First


Once again…we got to do a birthday party for my friend Ilana (our fave mom blogger) better known as Mommy Shorts.
You might remember Mazzy’s Milk bar (one of our faves!) from last year…while this time round it was for Harlow’s first.
Ilana and I had both of our second kids just months apart from each other so Harlow & my lil guy Luke are good pals.
It’s always so nice when planning a party for a friend because after it’s all set up and looking gorgeous…you can enjoy the food too!

Ilana wanted  to keep it small and have it on a Saturday morning. Immediately brunch came to mind and what would be better then pancakes and PJs! Coffee, peach bellinis, Chikalicious cronuts, mini cupcakes from Butter Lane and a cereal bar?! How could you go wrong with that!?

We also served the most fabulous new find – bagel pops from Bantam Bagels! They are mini bagel balls filled with cream cheese or butter and we got an assortment of both. Stuck em on sticks and voila! Something new and delicious for us to serve up at this party!
Ilana wanted the colors to be a soft and feminine palette which is how she bests describes Harlow’s style. So these honeycombs that we’ve been obsessing over from Shop Sweet Lulu were the most perfect touch above the main food table.


One of the many perks to styling parties in our client’s residence is being able to use their cool home decor items where possible. Ilana had a fabulous gold frame that we built into the main food & dessert table with a personalized sign for Harlow.


No first birthday is complete without the babe’s first smash. So we ordered a ribbon iced cake from Magnolia Bakery who nailed it with the design, colors and flavor! YUM!

Harlow indulged us with a few bites…then promptly shot a family photo and motioned to be let out of her high chair. Pretty standard for a one year old!

Of course we had to set up an appealing bar for guests who were mingling around in their pajamas…
For the kids we served pink lemonade in mason jars that we decorated with lace. As well as milk in bottles that we styled with pretty pink satin ribbon. There was also lots of coffee and all the fixins for the guests to serve themselves on a table that we set to look like a bed…with a pillow and good morning sign!

Since there were a few kids in the age range of 4/5…we had to think of something to keep them busy and entertained during this leisurely brunch. So we set up a table in Mazzy’s room for them to make necklaces out of fruit loops and decorate party hats with stickers both from our favorite store Party City. The kids had a great time crafting, eating and then climbing in and out of Harlow’s crib…


The party was laid back, full of close family and friends and lots of delicious food and cozy drinks. A good time was had by all. I’d say…a pretty perfect first birthday brunch!

Happy Birthday Harlow. We look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with you!


All of the beautiful pictures above were taken by Raquel Bianca.