Hangin’ with My Peeps


So check it out…ya know those adorable marshmallow chicks that hit the stores around Easter time every year…Peeps?! Well they are hitting the streets hard in all different shapes and colors for more then just the spring holidays and they are cuter then ever! You can find them in purple chicks, blue bunnies, white & red hearts for Valentines day (which we used for our friend Jen’s 40th!), ghosts for halloween…and their latest launch…summer flavors Lemonade and Bubblegum! We were lucky enough to partner up with our all time favorite blogger Mommy Shorts AGAIN and throw a party for these new summer Peeps and had the best time doing it!

We gathered up our best gals to work the party including Raquel Bianca to snap the pics, Karen The Cocktail Party Chef to serve up some snacks and invited some of the coolest mom bloggers around town to showcase Peeps in all sorts of fun ways to entertain this summer…
Let us give you a recap on how this all went down.


For starters…any good host knows you need a solid bar for a successful party. Well nothing goes better in the summer then a big beverage dispenser full of lemonade along side cold glasses of pink prosecco that have straws topped with lemonade Peeps as a stir stick in each.


We have our very own Ali to thank for this ridiculously awesome lemonade stand that her handy boyfriend built for us…which we dolled up with lemonade colored tissue tassel garland from The Paper Jar on Etsy!

Moving along…how about some cute DIY Peeps-cenes…Your kids will love coming up with ways to use Peeps in their toys!
For example…Peeps in the Park…
Peeps on the Beach…
Peeps on a construction site…

How about eating Peeps? Do you know how many Peeps the kids at our party inhaled that night? Probably close to what Shaq threw back on a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel
Well here are some really fun ways that you can eat Peeps…and get your kids involved this summer!

First we thought…it’s a party…parties need cakes…let’s add some Bubblegum! Take your Bubblegum Peeps and attach to the side of your cake with a toothpick and voila! You’ve got a Peeps cake!

And how about a little ice granita…topped with lemons and lemonade Peeps! Get outta here with this…it’s so cute!


The Cocktail Party Chef and genius behind this icy treat is our friend Karen…who has been kind enough to share this Reci-Peeps with us all! Try makin’ this with your kid on the next super hot day…fun and refreshingly delicious!

*This picture was run thru way too many filters and was not taken by a professional photographer if you catch my drift ;) hehe.


How do you do? Yes I’ll have a vanilla cookie slathered with white frosting and topped with a summer PEEPS! Hello!

Let your imagination run wild this summer…that’s what The Cocktail Party Chef did when she used Peeps as her inspiration for serving some snacks at this event. How about some Jello jigglers and bunny shaped sammies…isn’t it so fun to play with your food?


I’ll tell you this…there was no shortage of those sweet lil Peeps at this party…or adorable kids licking their fingers one by one as they got hopped up on sugar…


They also couldn’t get enough of the toys on the table and chocolate dipped pretzels with Peeps melted ontop…


We personally went a little bananas over the colors that we got to work with here…because what’s more summer then lemon yellow + bubble gum pink?

Since we invited moms + kids…we set up an activity room to keep the kids busy with a few other things aside from downing straight Peeps…

Through Peeps we learned of Alex’s Lemonade Stand. A charity raising money to help find a cure for children’s cancer. To get the kids involved in such a sweet charity with Peeps we set up a lemonade stand from Melissa & Doug for the kids to play with. We also put out buckets of Peeps with string for the kids to make Peeps jewelry with…as well as Alex’s Lemonade Stand coloring pages.


To send our guests off from the party we put together a summer inspired picnic basket filled with homemade by LMP Goodies…

A Peeps’mores kit featuring lemonade & bubblegum Peeps…along side fresh squeezed lemonade.


So whether you slather your Peeps in chocolate…


Or jazz up a lemonade stand on a hot summer day…add some Peeps into the mix…and have fun with it!


And to cap it all off…shake up an ice cold cocktail with a bubblegum Peeps floating sweetly.

*Photo taken by the adorable mama to be Sara Kalish.

Have any other great ideas for summer entertaining with Peeps? Tell us, Tell us! We’d love to hear em!

All photos above were taken by Raquel Bianca unless otherwise stated. Thank you for always making our work look so pretty Raquel…you’re one crazy talented cat. And a big shout out to Michelle’s adorable Mom Laura for the awesome tissue poms…thank you!