Point me in the Right Direction

Recently we’ve been having tons of fun with co-ed showers. A couple weeks ago we had the pleasure of working with a mama-to-be who just graduated. She wanted a relaxed party where her and her husband could gather their friends to join in their celebration. Our adorable venue scout, Laurie suggested Da Andrea. Brilliant. We love it there! The setting is so cozy and elegantly casual while the food is delicious. The best part was…they chose to have the party cocktail style. Great idea!

Since these lovely first time parents were not finding out the sex of the baby…we designed a party that was gender neutral and somewhat rustic to fit the vibe of the restaurant.
On my last trip to Toronto I passed by a store on Bloor Street called Ashley’s. They had a window full of signs…

“Point me in the right direction” I said to my sister as we walked by…and that’s where the theme and title for this event was born. Graduation + Pregnant — we’re going in a different direction here…one that is the most special and precious to date. And who better to honor then…the future graduate.

We worked with some really awesome vendors for this party…and came up with a few fun ways to spruce up the dessert table here…

One of the elements we loved most from this theme was the signs. We found Art Town Gifts who custom creates wood signs and they turned out so great.

For the baby sweets that were served…we worked with our friend AnneMarie on a few fun twists…

Chocolate gold flaked cherry cupcakes…which were the hit of the event. The guests couldn’t get enough of these!


A vanilla chevron cake…served on top of the most adorable little set of wood drawers from Save On Crafts. And a special cake that was provided by the girls who are closest to the honored couple.


We also served some adorable and delish “Rattle pops”…white chocolate covered marshmallows on wooden dowels.


We can never resist throwing in some 2 bite brownies from Whole Foods…and topped them each with a meringue!

“To the future graduate” we set up a table where the guests could write notes to “Baby Rod” which we had personalized by InkSpotWorkshop who is a vendor on Etsy and makes the most fabulous stationary!

For the guests we set out a little take home…”lil beans” from Baby Rod…which were watermelon flavored jelly bellies packaged up in plastic tubes and wrapped with twine. Sweet and delicious to thank everyone for coming!


We added some decor around the room and the guests were able to sit where they pleased…it looked so beautiful and fitting for a lunch time baby shower…


The guests dined on some beautiful platters of Italian cuisine set out by the amazing staff at Da Andrea while sitting back, having drinks and enjoying themselves!


Mom and Pop to be were glowing and seemed to have really enjoyed themselves for the big celebration! We cannot wait to see what they have…and how adorable their lil one will be!

*All of the beautiful shots above were taken by Raquel Bianca.