Maggie's Office Organization for Under $200


As we've probably mentioned, last fall through the holidays was insanely busy and by the time we hit December, our office was driving me NUTS. We're constantly filling up space and emptying it again with items for our events. That being said, most of my supplies for photo shoots and crafting were getting shoved into the back of the closets in our rush to keep organized while moving from party to party. Between the clutter on my desk, the bins 2 feet deep full of party supplies, and the shelves filled with mismatched items, I couldn't focus! It's so hard to function when you simply can't find anything you're looking for.

Lucky for me, I had a full day over the holiday break where I was the ONLY one in office. Besides our beautiful shop shelves organized by The Home Edit, I had the chance to rip everything out of the closets and off my desk to reorganize as I saw fit. I could BARELY hold back my excitement as I made my way to The Container Store and Marshalls to pick up supplies.

I started with my desk. You can see how cluttered my little pile of supplies was becoming, and there never seemed to be anywhere to put them! 



This shoe shelf from The Container Store (only $30) ended up being the PERFECT place for me to store my notebooks, camera and tech supplies, extra mugs, and craft papers. I know as time goes on, it will continue to fill up, but the height and separation will allow me to keep everything organized and in its own spot.

I also found this amazing little desktop organizer at Marshalls on sale for only $10. I added my own labels for the front, and it turned out the be the perfect place to store my utensils, clipboard, and 2018 Bando Planner.

Next, I tackled the supply closet right next to my desk, which turned into an overhaul of supplies in the front of the office so I had ample space to move things around. For this part of the process, I found simple wire stacker shelves and various sizes of clear boxes from The Container Store to organize everything.



I took all of our loose party supplies and organized them into boxes, separated our various LMP in a Box photoshoot samples into their own bins, and hung up all of table linens on matching velvet hangers from Marshalls. I even did my best to mimic The Home Edit's classic white script labels to match the rest of our closet.

I binged old supplies, discarded the garbage, and redistributed everything into proper bins. I'm not kidding when I say that I was on such a roll that I stayed until 9pm on a Friday night because I was having so much fun making everything look PERFECT.

I wanted to go into 2018 with a FRESH start, an organized space, and a clear mind ready for creativity and inspiration. Big thanks to Seri for letting me dig deep into a space she LOVES to keep OCD-level organized and make it feel accessible to the whole team. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out, and am feeling truly ready to take on anything this year throws at us.


Crafty Maggie