That little Blue Box on Fifth Avenue


When I moved to New York City in 2001, I remember thinking that Fifth Avenue (around 57th street) felt like it was a movie set. Every time I walked around that neighborhood I would be gazing up looking at all of the huge, oversized retail shops thinking WOW. Wouldn't it be cool to shop here one day!


Fast forward a few years ahead and I found myself in Tiffany's, one of the most iconic stores located in this area of New York City, ring shopping with one of my best friend's, Kelly. She had asked me to come along with her to find the ring of her dreams because her boyfriend was planning to propose and she wanted me to be in charge of making sure he got the right ring!

Kelly found the perfect ring and asked me to try it on to see what I thought. I almost fainted with that rock on my finger. It was the first time I ever put a diamond ring on. I had a moment of hallucination where I was dancing around shouting "I DO! I DO!" At that point, the sales girl took the ring back and we got kicked out. Just kidding. Kinda.

It was a funny, cool, special experience that I always hold as a memory with that dear friend.

I never spent much time in Tiffany's since then. Until...............

They most recently opened a restaurant called the Blue Box Cafe. Omg. It started popping up all over my Instagram feed and I just HAD TO GO!

I knew exactly who I could rope into trying this restaurant out with me...and the timing was perfect. The holidays AND my birthday were upon us so I asked my friends Ilana and Emily if they wanted to have lunch there one day. Of course they were down with that suggestion I just had to score us a reservation.

Well that's where things get complicated. It ain't easy to book a table there! I finally figured out the way to do it, is to sign up for an account with and request the day + time that you want for your reservation.  It will show you that NOTHING is available. Don't get discouraged. Just click NOTIFY ME.'ll receive notification emails when a time comes available. Now the trick with that is you need to be at your computer ready to CLICK that button when you receive the notification.  The reservations literally go in seconds. So it may take a few tries. But trust me...dedicate a few clicks to it and your Blue Box dreams will come true.


So that day came for me and I got the reservation!  I was so excited. I put on a grey dress so I wouldn't clash with all the blue in my photos and paired the dress with my ombre blue fringe earrings. YES. I put that much thought into the outfit that I wore to this lunch which was secretly all about the photos.

Well I got what I expected out of the lunch!  The food...meh. Was OK. But the photos...bang on. The food, although not the best meal I have ever eaten, was so fun to photograph and me the girls had a blast celebrating there.

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 10.10.46 AM.png

Worth it? Ya, that one time it was.