Super Bowl Party Round Up


The Super Bowl is right around the corner! Whether you're into football or not (like me), its the perfect excuse to get together with friends, eat, drink some beer, and enjoy your Sunday. 

Despite not being that into sports, Super Bowl parties are some of the best to host. Why? Because you can stay home, buy the beer by the case load, use plastic everything, and indulge in lots of finger foods. What could be better?


Today we're rounding up some of our past favorite viewing party tips so that come game day you can just kick back and enjoy the game (and the awesome commercials). 

DECOR - An easy way you make your food table festive in a matter of minutes is with some astroturf. Use masking tape to create the yard lines that would be on a real football field. This is a great little DIY project because you can reuse the turf as many times as you want and it's easy to clean. 


FOOD - Finger foods for the Super Bowl are a must. I'm obsessed with this Chicken Nacho recipe Seri cooked up a few years ago for her own viewing party. You can set up some extra toppings in small containers next to your big nacho dish in case you'll be hosting any picky eaters.


If cooking isn't your thing and you want to keep it simple, no problem. Order some pizza's, cut em' up, style them on a platter and add some cute DIY flag picks into them so guests know what kind of pie it is. 


COCKTAIL - You may have one or two guests who would like to enjoy a cocktail as they watch the game. No need to worry! This Snakebite and Black recipe is a great cocktail for a Super Bowl party because theres beer in it, it's very simple (only two other additional ingredients), and it's just plain delicious.


PERSONALIZATION - You can easily personalize your viewing party with some chalkboard paper. On here you can draw your team's logo, make your predictions for the end score, or just write out your menu.  


If you're one of lucky fans whose team made it to the end, you can rep your colors by adding it into your balloons. If you're team didn't make it on the other hand, then just tape some yellow balloons up against the wall in the shape of a goalpost like we did, no helium necessary!


And there you have it! The easiest and chicest Super Bowl viewing party. Have fun rooting on either the Eagles or the ever so handsome Tom Brady, come February 4th!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!