The What are you having (?!) Baby Shower


With both of my pregnancies, my husband and I decided to wait to find out the sex. We thought, what greater surprise is there in life than when that baby comes out and you get to yell...It's a....!


For both of my kids - it wasn't the doctor to scream out the sex, it was my husband! Thrilling. For him. I was half dead in the moment of finishing off labor.

IF I were to find out the sex in advance of labor, then I would do it with a party of course. Go big or go home!


We now sell gender reveal balloons in our shop and seeing them in person makes me want to go back in time and throw a gender reveal party for one of my pregnancies. Don't go getting any ideas...I'm done with kids.  I'm just saying a woulda shoulda coulda here.

These gender reveal balloons are solid black, jumbo size and come with 2 packages of confetti.  One for a girl, one for a boy.


If you're planning a gender reveal party, here's how you'd go about this...

Bring the balloon with you to your doctors appointment. Once the doctor finds out the sex ask them to fill the balloon with the blue or pink confetti accordingly (don't worry, it's VERY easy to fill, you just drop it into the balloon. Yes your doctor may get annoyed with this request so you may need to beg a little OR bring a friend with you). On the morning (or evening before) your party, take that balloon to the party store and ask them to fill it up.  MAKE SURE NO confetti falls out or the surprise will be ruined for you. Bring the balloon home and set it up at the party in a cool place (tie it to the bar, a chair or anchor it onto your dessert table).


During the party, you'll want to find a time to pop this thing and reveal the gender. Half way through is a good time.

Grab a pin, your partner and someone with a camera and count it down....

3, 2, 1 POP that balloon!'re having a..........................


(Funny option for this party: If you don't really want to find out the sex but still want to have a gender reveal party, do it. Fill the balloon with both colors of confetti and when you pop it yell JUST KIDDING! We're not finding out the sex. HAHA!)

Here are a few other fun ideas for your party - 

1.)  Advice for the new mom book (If you're make this a co-ed party, make it advice to the new Mom + Dad or Moms or Dads, you get the idea...). Set out a scrapbook (we found this one at Michael's) with a polaroid camera and these cute cards that we found on Etsy, pens, washi tape and stickers and let your guests take photos of themselves and sign notes of advice for the new parents.  Makes for an awesome keepsake.

2.)  Milk & Cookies: Serve a few bottles of white or chocolate milk for the moms who are not drinking alcohol. Tie a pretty bow around the neck of the bottles and pop in a paper straw. We are obsessed with the I love NY onesies that our friend Alex designed to sell in her store, Piccolini. No joke you guys this is our favorite go to store for new babes. Every single time I need a gift...I go here. We sent photos of these onesies to our friend Betty of Biscotto cookies and voila! The most perfect cookie for a baby shower to serve to your guests during the party or as a take home favor.

3.)  Gifts: If you have a baby registry, now's your time to tell everyone about it.  List your registries on the invite for this party so your guests know what to buy for your new arrival.

Now don't forget to play some great tunes to keep your guests alive and HAVE FUN!


Shop the gender reveal balloon here. Add on our Baby Shower Party in a Box and boom you're ready to party.

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