The Day our Ice Cream Dreams came true


Sometimes in life, you need to toss up your hands and say, JUST GO FOR IT. That's what went through my mind when I was scrolling through the Museum of Ice Cream's Instagram feed one night over a glass of wine. 


Since I first discovered this Museum on social media, I have been dying to go but the tickets have never shown as available. Also, I wasn't going to take a trip all the way to the west coast where the museum has been located.


BUT then....the museum opened up a location in Miami. AND....I noticed tickets were available!

Two things went through my head (that's a lie it was three things):
1. Maggie had an upcoming trip to Miami planned to celebrate her cousin's birthday. What a perfect opportunity for her to stay for an extra night so we could meet her there and then hit the museum.
2. Maggie had recently asked me if we could take company field trips every now and then for to help keep her creativity fresh. She was suggesting local field trips so I fear this may have spoiled her forever. But hey....
3. YOLO (you only live once)

I was able to find extremely cheap flights for Abby and I on Spirit Airlines, which I feared we may not survive but gave it a go anyway. We had to pack very carefully because you're only allowed one small carry onto this flight or they charge you for bags (carry on too). My essential for this bright + sunny trip? My MZ Wallace clutch.


Ok enough about how we got there.  Let's talk about the ice cream!!

You was everything I dreamed it would be. It was like waltzing through a real life cartoon world that I was so meant to be a part of. Every single floor was so well thought through with murals on every single wall, neon lights, gold floors and so much more.

Of course we couldn't wait to kick off our shoes and jump into their famous sprinkle pool. The sprinkles are plastic so they don't stain and since everyone walks through the museum with the sold purpose of taking photos, everyone was very respectful of giving each other their moment to be photographed.

There were about 4 or 5 rooms that actually served ice cream. Each serving was cuter than the next and of course made for beautiful photos before we got to devour all the treats.

As we moved through the space, we found cherry swings, pink palm trees, ice cream fans and hanging popsicles. They even had an ice cream beach where we got to dig into kinetic sand and get our hands dirty.


It's pretty amazing to think that this girl had the forsight to creaet a space that is so well thought and dreamt out.  literally living out her ice cream fantasies.  so impressive and the most awesome form of a creative refresh which you truly need every now and then.

The common theme is color and pattern. Bright, unexpected visuals and the key - is the light. Having a sunny day allows for a whole new level of color.

Having a creative director, Maggie (aka Crafty Maggie) who has an eye for how a photo will turn out is key when you are running a creative business. In order to grow, you need to stay fresh and visually stunning. Maggie didn't have any issues finding the beauty in this place and I would say these are by far some of my favorite photos that she has taken to date.


Now I'm not gonna sugar coat it. It hurt to leave this place.  I wanted to move in.  I never wanted to exit.  I'd say I went into a good depresseion for a good two hours afterwards.


I think it's pretty clear to see that we had a good time here. What an amazing experience this museum is. If you have the opportunity....GO!


Museum of Ice Cream, Miami:  Our new favorite place on the planet earth. This post is not sponsored. Just spoke out of true love.

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