DIY Halloween Bat Puppet


Trying to keep kids entertained at a Halloween party is made easy with these fun and interactive Bat Puppets! Seri’s Aunt Marissa is always thinking about amazing crafts to do with kids, and this one is such a winner. Not only do they have fun making it, but they can play with it afterward too!

You will need:

  • a black sock

  • polyester fiberfill

  • fabric glue

  • regular glue

  • googly eyes

  • black and gray felt

  • black, gray, white, and red construction paper

  • a hair tie

Step 1: Stuff your sock with a handful of polyester fiberfill, then use your hair tie to bunch it up to the top to create the head.

Step 2: Use regular glue to attach small triangular pieces of red construction paper onto triangular pieces of black construction paper, leaving a small flap on the black part to attach to the head.


Step 3: Use the fabric glue on the flaps of the ears to attach to the head.

Step 4: Stick on a pair of googly eyes.

Step 5: Using regular glue, attach a round piece of gray felt to a piece of white construction paper to create the nose and teeth. Then attach this to the head with fabric glue.


Step 6: Make a flap on your wings made of black construction paper and use fabric glue to attach to the body of the bat, below the head.


Step 7: Use the gray felt to make little claws and attach to the ends of the wings.


What a fun Halloween activity for kids, and looks so cute for your next party! Thanks again to Marissa for this brilliant idea. Happy crafting!