A Simply Beautiful Bedroom Makeover

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Hi! It’s me again. I know. I know. Another makeover in the house.

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If you are thinking it ‘s going to be the last, well? NO. I’ve still have a few ideas in my simply beautiful “bag of tricks”.

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As you may have guessed, I’m methodically working my way throughout the house. The guest bedroom was a necessity, since it’s located across from my beautiful new bathroom and next door to the amazing walk-in closet. It was dull and dreary in that room and I’m sorry, but I completely forgot to take a picture of what it looked like “before”.

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In keeping with the theme, I opted to flow key colours into the guest room that match the closet. Hues of indigo, pink and for fun, I added a pops of yellow and gold.

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Once I secured this stellar wall art from HomeSense Canada, I knew the rest of the room would be easy to design. Now trust me, I had at least ten pieces of art in and out of the house before I found this one. There was something about this particular piece that stood out to me and guess what? It was brand new and just placed on the display shelf. I pounced on it when I was in the store and proceeded to the other departments to plan out the rest of the “roomscape”.

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I chose to go with very simple linens and a beautiful throw that accentuated the indigo theme.

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I absolutely fell in love with the pillow selection that I found and they really enhanced the colours of the photo above the bed.

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And what about these lamps? As soon as I saw them, I knew they would be perfect for this room.

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Another key furniture find were these night tables. I wanted something light and airy looking and found them at HomeSense Canada too!

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The small bench at the foot of the bed was an additional finishing touch in keeping with the “blue mood” I was going after.

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I love the look of a feature fixture in the room and swapped out my old one for this little white number. A perfect accent to have a “nest” in this place of “rest”.

Photo 2018-09-16, 2 51 46 AM.jpg

I found this fluffy blue and white rug, a beautiful plant and some additional art and accent pieces to complete the room.

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My goal was to ensure that this room was welcoming, peaceful and elegant for any future guests. I’m so happy that I had the opportunity to once again partner with HomeSense Canada for this project. Thank you for making another dream a reality.

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*Disclaimer – All decor items provided by HomeSense Canada.

Room Paint colour – Benjamin Moore – White Dove – OC-17

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