DIY Old Fashioned Photo Place Cards

Whenever we’re planning a dinner party for a client, we love suggesting custom place cards for each guest. This way, you can direct them to their seat and they have something fun waiting for them when they sit down.

When we were considering how to celebrate Halloween, I kept coming back to this idea of a Masquerade party (hence our amazing mask DIY). Masquerade parties always make me think of old fashioned, medieval times with stunning parties and intricate costumes. While thinking about the fun details, I was wracking my brains for how to set the table and a thought came to me- PHOTO placecards- find your face and know where you sit. How perfect a party where everyone is masked to finally reveal their identity!

The idea came as a combination of a couple ideas. A few years back, we did an amazing dinner party for Maybelline where the place settings were a photo of each guest. It was so cute and everyone loved it. But then I thought, how do I make it feel old fashioned and spooky?! So then I remembered the classic history projects from grade school, where we would write “letters” from famous people in history and then make it look old and historic by dipping it in coffee, drying it, and burning the edges.

So I did just that! Except I printed our photos in black and white, soaked them in Dr. Pepper, and then dried them before burning the edges. It was SO easy and made for such a cool, ghostly spin on our Masquerade party- more on that coming on Monday!