Fall Family Photos


This is the exact time of year you want to start thinking about that perfect family photo for your holiday card…but do you? Probably not. Lucky for me, I work with the most talented group of gals and my creative director, Maggie, who also happens to be our in house photographer, reminded me it’s go time.

So we chose a day to shoot and though it was the busiest day and my kids had no interest and my husband got mad at me for scheduling this without telling me, we survived it and walked away with some pretty fantastic photos.


What I’ve learned about family photos, as the kids have gotten older and much less interested in taking photos, is that you want to do something that is fun for the whole family. Then you pretend like the photographer isn’t even there.


Last year (omg, it was actually 2 years ago!) we took photos with my girl Sas and started off in a park that we walked through to get to our favorite Dim Sum Restaurant. This was something that we all loved and the photos showed just how happy we were.

This time around, we also started in a park and walked over to a bakery that we loved for some treats. That bakery was right next to Do so we got more treats and naturally, the boys were thrilled.


We took our treats to yet another park where the kids could climb like monkeys and we got some pretty fabulous smiles out of them because they were genuinely enjoying themselves.


Now, I just need to choose a photo to use for our holiday card and I’m set! PLUS I have tons of great new shots to put in frames around my house and to send to my family in Canada who miss the kids so much.


Want to book Maggie for your holiday photos? What are you waiting for! Get in touch now and she can schedule a time and plan for your family.

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