DIY Sugar Skull Skewers


Ever since the sugar skull trend emerged for Halloween a few years ago, we’ve been totally obsessed. If you didn’t check out our spooky Halloween Party post or video from last year, you should do that now for the ultimate sugar skull inspiration.

This year, we wanted to take away the edge of this scary look and soften it up with pinks, oranges, and golds for a Halloween cocktail party. In preparation for that cocktail party, Natalie and I made these adorable sugar skull skewers, that are so easy to do at home. 

You will need:  

wooden skewers

construction paper (we used pink) 

cardstock (we used black glitter) 

black marker  

hot glue

Step 1: Start out by printing this sugar skull stencil, placing it behind your construction paper and tracing the skull design against a window. If you’re feeling ambitious, draw your own skull designs, just keep the size at about 1-2 inches tall. 

Step 2: Cut out your skulls, and then cut out the same shape and size in your cardstock so they match up.  


Step 3: Use a hole puncher to punch out holes for the eyes. We placed our construction paper and cardstock together so the holes would line up perfectly.

Step 4: Time to glue! Glue your construction paper skull near the top of the skewer, then add the cardstock as a back, so the skewer is masked between the 2 pieces.  

And that’s it! We can’t wait to show you how the full party turned out, so stay tuned for all the details.