Ramblerose Holiday Party


Around the LMP office, I’m known as Crafty Maggie. And there’s a good reason for that! I’ve always been an artist and love to work with my hands. By day, I’m probably crafting specialty decor for an upcoming client party. By night, I’m usually hanging at home working on something new for my business, Ramblerose. I started my biz with a love for crafting jewelry and painting with watercolors. Before I came to Little Miss Party, I was primarily working for myself, running Ramblerose and freelancing. You can read the whole story of how it came to be on my website!

I’m so lucky to have friends who are also customers. The whole year is jam packed with events, so I don’t always get time to make new items, post on my site, or sell at markets anymore. But at the holidays, my customers come running back to me asking what’s available when they start shopping for gifts!

This year, despite being overwhelmingly busy with LMP (in a good way, because we’re fully booked!), I managed to pull together TWO holiday shopping parties. One for my friends in Buffalo, who I hosted at my parents home over thanksgiving, and one for my NYC pals, who I hosted at the LMP office. It was the absolute perfect place to have the girls over, set up my jewelry and paintings, and nibble on some holiday bites while they shopped around.

I had a mix of bracelets and greeting cards and necklaces and original paintings and everything in between! I served my mom’s famous hot pepper dip, browned butter sugar cookies, a charcuterie board, and of course, champagne!


With a small business, it’s important to move through my inventory so I can free up space, and continue CREATING new work. I decided to host a last minute SALE with everything at 40% off, and I will additionally donate 10% of my profit to The Courage of Carly Fund, an organization that raises money for pediatric cancer research through Roswell Park institute. Everything will be shipped out tomorrow by priority mail to ensure it arrives before Christmas! Shop now for your last minute holiday gifts, using code FILTHYANIMAL40 at checkout. Sale ends TONIGHT!

As a side note, I’m always happy to take custom orders, so feel free to reach out through the form on my site! I would love to work with you. Happy holidays to all,  and happy shopping!