An Epic Family Gathering

Last week we had the pleasure of styling a dinner party for a very special client. Her brother was getting married to a woman from England and their families were going to be meeting FOR THE FIRST TIME on the weekend of the wedding. She figured that it would be best to avoid the chaos of wedding weekend events and let the family members really get to know one another over an intimate dinner. 


Of course, the whole LMP team immediately got on board with planning the small special details based on the information the groom's sister was providing us. From special interests of the soon-to-be married couple to a sentimental party favor, we honed in on thoughtful elements to make this dinner memorable for everyone involved.

First, we designed name cards for each guest to know where they were sitting when they arrived, as well as be able to put a name to every new face. We played on the fact that the bride is a vegetarian and the groom loves meat by painting mini cows and veggies gold. Then, I made custom hang tags with a thick card stock, baker's twine, and a fine point paint marker to write the script.


Next, we focused on the take home favor. We wanted this gift to be sentimental and help them remember this weekend forever. We found amazing matte black plates from CB2 which we had adorned with custom calligraphy by Paper Finger. This gift not only represents the joining of two families, but also is an easy item to pack for those going back home overseas.

We learned that the couple loves to exercise at Orange Theory gyms, so I customized some of our favorite gold bud vases with their logo using a white paint marker. We filled the vases with beautiful orange flowers Seri found at the flower market which matched the rest of the decor perfectly. The couple was very excited over these vases and even gifted some to their gym trainers!

Before the event, we were in close contact with the restaurant, Ilili, so we could plan accordingly with their private venue space. They provided us with all the details on the menu items, as everything was being served family style and we wanted the guests to know the details of what was being offered. I designed a menu with Mediterranean inspired pattern and added a little tassel at the bottom for an finishing touch. 

Lastly, we arrived at the venue to set up where we filled the entire ceiling with almost 200 balloons for the ultimate festive touch. The guests and the happy couple enjoyed a night of great food, new family, and personal details that made this gathering so EPIC!