An Artistic First Birthday

One of my favorite parts about working at Little Miss Party is the variety of different places we get to create parties in. In my 3+ years working here, I’ve been able to experience putting on events in so many incredible spaces in New York City. 

We added another beyond cool spot to the venue list for a recent first birthday party - The Wright Restaurant at the Guggenheim Museum.  How cool is that?! After deciding to host this party at The Wright, the birthday girl’s Mom asked for us to build all of the decor around a modern art-theme.  Feeling excited and inspired, Maggie got to work on building a truly unique event, drawing inspiration from art that already exists in The Wright, as well as from artists who showcase work at the Guggenheim museum.  


The restaurant interior is mostly white, with a few pops of color scattered throughout in the form of tile walls.  The main decor piece of the space is a fabric art piece which hangs along the back wall of the restaurant.  We based the color story for this party around this piece - yellow, blue, red and gold. 


On each table and each end of the bar, we styled clusters of mylar pyramid, cube and orb balloons in red, blue, gold and silver. We tied these clusters to geometric metallic figurines to weight them down.  


So the guests would know what was being served for lunch, we placed custom menus that Maggie designed with Miro as her inspiration. 


Drawing inspiration from Andy Warhol, we created Campbell's Soup Can vases to hold fresh, white flowers that we placed throughout the venue.  Maggie added a personal touch to the vases by featuring a photo of the birthday girl on the design of each.  On the bar, in addition to the balloons clusters we styled custom Miro-inspired cocktail napkins, which also featured the birthday girls name. 

We hired the excellent children's band, Little Maestro's, to play a 45-minute set to entertain all the little ones and give the parents more of a chance to mingle.  In front of where the band set up their equipment, we placed a few blue rugs and filled them up with fun toys for the kids to crawl around and play with while they listened to the music.

We created a comfortable place for the children and parents to sit and enjoy the music with rugs and a few children’s tables and stools.  As a hack to the white ikea children’s furniture, Maggie and Natalie splatter painted these tables in our party colors, and they turned out so beautifully. You can read all about how they DIY-ed these tables on the blog here


To entertain the kids when the band wasn't playing, we also had our friend Adna of Melinda's Children's Parties create beautiful balloon art.  The balloon animals were an absolute hit... the birthday girl especially loved them!

As a sweet treat for the guests to enjoy during the party, we placed photo cookies by Clarelicious on the bar, which featured super cute photos of the birthday girl. 


The restaurant provided a full bar for the adults to enjoy, and for the kids, we set out custom sippy cups filled with water on a tray at the bar for parents to grab for their kids as needed. Next to these sippy cups, we also set out a tray of snack catchers filled with snack puffs for parents to grab if their child was hungry.   


Finally, we had Angela of Making that Cake create a beautiful splatter cake with a gold geometric cake topper.  Angela splattered this cake with edible paint that matched the party colors perfectly.  


The band ended their set by playing Happy Birthday, during which we rolled out the cake with a lit gold "1" candle in front of jumbo blue "ONE" letter balloons.  These balloons acted as the perfect backdrop for a photo of the birthday girl and her family blowing out the candle.  

At the end of the party, guests were encouraged to take home a favor bag, which had a custom sticker that Maggie designed, and was filled with art-themed gifts... a copy of "My First Shapes" by Frank Lloyd Wright, a DIY kids handprint kit, bubbles, toddler crayons, and a wrapped photo cookie. 


We are so happy with how all of the details of this party turned out, and had so much fun creating a party around such a cool theme. 



Photos by Sasithon Photography