Bachelorette Party on a Budget

Maggie, Natalie and I are in the stage of our lives where everyone we know is getting married.  Which means... a ton of Bachelorette parties. 


These can get pretty expensive, especially if you are IN the Bridal Party, so people are constantly asking us for tips on how to throw an awesome, Instagram-worthy Bachelorette Party on a budget.  

We teamed up with our favorite beauty blogger and Girl Boss, Brittany Lo, founder and CEO of Beautini, to make a video which showcases how we styled an Instagram-worthy Bachelorette Party using our Bachelorette Bash in a Box.

Video by Oliver J. Williams.

Some of our favorite tips to help you stay on budget while setting up your Bachelorette Bash are:

TIP #1: Use small bud vases and single stems to add an easy decor element to the table.

TIP #2: Create a pretty cocktail napkin fan by twisting your fist on top of the stack.


TIP #3: Keep your food & beverages simple and light: fruits, cheeses, champagne, and mixed drinks.

TIP #4: Use paper goods rather than real plates and utensils- cheaper, easier cleanup, and less stress before your night on the town!

TIP #5: Fill in the empty table spaces with confetti.


TIP #6: Make sure all the guests arrive before the bride.

TIP #7: Bring a polaroid camera so guests can take home printed photos from the night.

Wanna throw your own Bachelorette Bash without breaking the bank? Shop the box now!