DIY Splatter Table


One of the best things about Little Miss Party is the level of personalization we can bring to anything. 

That being said, we just had a very cool event at the Guggenheim Museum for a first birthday party (details on that coming soon!). As you can imagine, this event was super cool and modern. So all the decor elements we added had to reflect that. 

Since this is a first birthday party we wanted to have some kids tables for these little tots to sit at, lean on, play at, and everything in between. We found these affordable children's tables at our local IKEA store (Sundvik Series in case you were wondering). The assembly on these tables were super easy, and that's coming from someone who has never built anything before (these babies were my first ever!)


To give them an edge, Maggie came up with the brilliant idea to have them match a series of Sarah Crowner paintings that are hanging in the Wright Restaurant, where the party was held. These pieces are bright and bold which made them perfect coordinate off of. 


Maggie and I had the best time painting these in the office. You can achieve this Jackson Pollock inspired design with just a few paint samples and a tarp, how easy is that?! Super cost efficient and cool. 


Happy DIY-ing!