Play dates in NYC


Luke & his pal, Harlow have been friends since birth. When I told my friend Ilana I was pregnant with kid 2, she was hiding the same information and out it came a few weeks after I gave her my news.  Since our older kids became fast friends in preschool it was really exciting to go through the second pregnancy together, knowing the little ones could be instant friends!

These two were always close and have the sweetest relationship. Loving and caring and always excited to see each other.


We've done so many shoots with them over the years, capturing their youth so they can one day look back and admire the memories they created as young friends.


The last Valentine's Day play date that we did with these two was a couple of years back, so we wanted to update our photo album with some current shots.

We took the kids to By Chloe on Bleeker for a special treat which consisted of cupcakes and fries.


They ate, they giggled, they gave each other a few hugs. Then...they ran to the park to get their sillies out.

I hope that in the future when we show them these photos they cherish their friendship as much as we do, as the spectators watching them from the outskirts.