Fly away with me and Take my photo


When Ilana and I met at the airport to fly off to Palm Springs for the Alt Summit a few weeks ago, she said to me "Seri, we should book a Flytographer". I knew what that was because we had looked into hiring one for our Paris Trip last year but didn't end up pulling the trigger. This time around...I screamed YES!!

A Flytographer is kinda like Uber for photographers. Photographers on demand...all over the country. Pretty brilliant right? So I quickly created an account and requested a photographer...for the NEXT DAY!


Not only did we get the photographer booked with extreme ease and efficiency BUT our photographer was super cute and cool, had great style and knew all the right spots to take us for the best photos.


Palm Springs is known for not only their sky high palm trees but for the exquisite architecture of their buildings and the bright colored doors that you find on the houses in so many of the neighborhoods around town.

Our photographer, Ashley, shared this map of the famous Palm Springs Doors and after taking several shots at our hotel where there is nothing but colored walls and fun photo opps, we hit em all up.

My favorite being #ThatPinkDoor


As well as that yellow door (where we did an outfit change).  And the pool float house.  I mean.....LOVE IT HERE!


So the moral of this story is, if you're going on a trip and want to capture some memories while you're there, but not worry about taking those shots on your phone, you should check these folks out.  We were so thrilled with their service!

PS - this was not sponsored.  Ilana and I paid for those photos and it was worth every penny.
PPS - if either of our kids ever get married, their montage of photos will include Ilana and I in all our glory looking like a newly engaged couple here. HA!