A little family picnic party


The weather has been utterly FREEZING here on the east coast.  Like unfair cold for winter - let alone April.

Well we had 2 days last week that were in the 80's. It was HOT. We wore shorts.

So I GRABBED at the opportunity to hang out with my kids OUTSIDE.


My idea of "hanging" out is lying down on a picnic, snacking on charcuterie.

My kids idea of "hanging" out at the park is running around with their friends.


The good news is? We can all "hang" doing our thing in the park now! Place the blanket in a shady spot that is front and center to the area your kids are playing and sit back while they have fun! Make sure to keep an eye on them...obviously.

Next week is National Picnic Day and I'm praying, hoping, wish and dreaming that it will be WARM outside. Please! We deserve it now!


Maybe we don't?


Feels as though our haste for waste is an issue. We need to be more mindful of recycling and reusing. My kids are learning about the environment for Earth Day right now and I LOVE it. We need them to HELP us. What have we done? Remember the big mac in a styrofoam box?



Celebrate Earth Day with the Little Miss Party in a Box Collection and RECYCLE, REUSE or SAVE it all. 

Style the grass or a pretty blanket with our Flamingo picnic collection.

And lastly - if you're located in NYC you have got to check out Perfect Picnic. We are simply obsessed with their packaging, quality and ability to place an order with such ease.