At Little Miss Party, we are always dreaming big. When clients reach out to work with us on events, we search for inspiration wherever we can find it. We sit down as a team and get the ball rolling with inspiration photos, theme options, and visuals of the venue we're working with. We continue bouncing ideas off one another, getting excited about the prospect of turning these dreams into a reality.

"If you want creative workers, give them enough time to play."
— John Cleese

Luckily, Seri understands the importance of keeping our creative juices flowing because we are always under tight time frames to turn around our proposals. Going to pop-ups and installations are an exciting way for us to bond and spend a couple hours outside of the office. Seri found out about Dream Machine from our friend Shaylan and she knew we HAD to plan a team outing.

We fell in love with the precision in which each room was decorated- from the lights to the colors, everything was chosen to bring you into a "new dream" each time you moved forward. The first room, of course, was the beginning of the dream with clouds an a never ending sky of stars.


Next we entered a large room with a continuous stream of bubbles coming from the ceiling...


And eventually we moved into a hallway that starkly contrasted its preceding room. It started with a fitting quote, "Did you know some people only dream in black and white?" and ended with a comfy chair that paired perfectly with Natalie's outfit.


Next up, laundry time. We were greeted with "dryer lint" cotton candy as we walked in and were immediately struck by the color scheme. Though the decor was mostly black and white, the extreme pink and blue lights brought an interesting to air to the space.


To our surprise, the wall of laundry machines OPENED UP to reveal a striking room filled with mirrors, hanging crystals and lights to create the illusion of standing in an infinite outer space. 


We moved from sky to water as we entered the ocean-like ball pit room where we all had the change to jump right in and have some fun.

As if we weren't already going through the different stages of color heaven, we came upon the rainbow room next- a long hallway with arches like a rainbow that were constantly changing color.

And at the end of the rainbow, we hit the jackpot with the patterned jungle room. Being a plant and pattern lover myself, this room felt right at home!

We wove our way through the thick metallic fringe and emerged on the other side to the "It was all a dream" sign.

And just like that, we were on our way out of the dream-like state with a new sense of inspiration! As always, a big thank you to Seri who believes in us deeply enough to treat us to an outing like this one. We owe our constant drive to create new, beautiful ideas to her encouragement and enthusiasm for adventure!