A Simply Beautiful Passover Table

So Passover was last month. Yesterday's news except for the fact that Aunt Debi creates the most killer tablescapes. And these don't need to only be for passover!

Photo 2018-03-30, 4 38 21 AM.jpg

Something that we all love at SBE and LMP is the leafy table runner.  It's so easy to make and it's gorgeous every.single.time.

Photo 2018-03-30, 4 38 10 AM.jpg

Another really smart idea for hosting and creating a perfect tablescape is the tableware.  Keep it simple. Either rent or use pretty paper. For the high holidays we rent because this is a family meal that we take great pride in gathering for. It's nice to raise the bar and use real flatware, plates and glasses.

Debi recently gave her home a facelift and boy does it ever scream LETS HAVE A PARTY NOW!

Photo 2018-03-30, 4 24 17 AM.jpg

Hosting is not easy. There's a lot of moving parts between the prep, cooking, entertaining and cleaning. OY! But it's worth it, every now and then at least. There's truly nothing better than having your family around a table.

Photo 2018-03-30, 3 24 46 AM.jpg

I asked Aunt Debi what I could bring.  Obviously I couldn't make anything seeing as I was staying at a hotel but I certainly could contribute! So naturally, I stocked the bar with wine. You're welcome.

Photo 2018-03-27, 11 54 56 PM.jpg
Photo 2018-03-30, 4 32 48 AM.jpg

Honestly guys? This table hurts me. Looking at it makes me want to have a dinner party tomorrow. BRAVO Aunti Debi! You really nailed this one.

Photo 2018-03-30, 4 26 11 AM.jpg