*hint, hint* What Mom Really Wants *wink, wink*


I know what you're thinking- breakfast in bed is SO cliché for Mother's Day. But guess what. Moms love clichés. And they love to NOT make breakfast, for once. And they love to stay in bed later than 6:30 am, for once. 

So why not give them exactly that?! (Hint, hint, wink, wink) Listen up, kids and dads out there. This is the easiest gift you can give to mom this year- breakfast, extra sleep time, some beautiful flowers, and some QUIET!

That's right. Leave her alone for a little while. Let mom enjoy her morning coffee with her croissant and eggs. 

Let mom read, watch what she wants on tv or do whatever she pleases. At least for the morning! 


That being said, Mother's Day is not only about letting mom relax and have some quiet time, but it's also about celebrating TOGETHER. Because we love her for everything she does. Hug your mom close this year, she deserves it.