Moms who Brunch


Ok this feels like a really stupid way to open this blog BUT....
April showers bring May flowers. And guess what?  I LOVE THEM.


Tulips. YES.
Peonies - coming SOON.
Cherry Blossoms. YASSSSSSSSSS.

You can grab a bunch a cherry blossoms from your local florist, farm or wholesaler and BOOM. Prettiest party ever.


May is a month of so many celebrations. Hard to believe that last weekend was Derby Day AND Cinco De Mayo and just one week laster is Mother's Day. Does it get more fun than this?


Today we're celebrating Mother's Day with our Mom friends. Mother's Day is not just about your mother. It's about being a mother and being a woman. I really can't think of a better excuse to celebrate.

We chose to enjoy our mom friends with chilled rosé, party sammies and sweet eats that we found at Whole Foods, customized for us MOMS. Since I was going to back to work right after our little soiree, I wanted minimal clean up so I set out some of my favorite paper plates from the Little Miss Party Shop.

We certainly don't often take a break from our hectic lives so it was nice to disconnect from the world for the short time that we did and enjoy each other's company.