Who do we appreciate? Our Teachers!


Here in New York City, the week of May 7th to 11th is Teacher's Appreciation week. This week, the kids (and us parents!!) come up with creative, thoughtful ways to make our teachers feel loved and appreciated. Who is more deserving of this week? NO ONE! We can't thank our teachers enough so these small tokens that we think of this week are just a start.


Both my kids have incredible teachers this year. We also have really great class parents who have been taking care of organizing all of the special activities and important meetings that we need to participate in. The class parents arranged all kinds of sweet acts of kindness for the kids this year but as always, the kids are encouraged to make their own gift for the teachers if they wish. 

My kids love walking through the Union Square Farmer's market and at this time of the year there are tons of plants. We chose a flower plant to pot for their teachers and the kids decorated and wrote notes to stick into each....


Could you just.....?!

I love how these turned out, they were so easy and what a nice gift!

To all the teachers out there - WE LOVE YOU!