A Spicy Pink Lemonade Martini


Tomorrow is National Martini Day, so I whipped up something fun to celebrate- as usual!I thought we should make this martini as “LMP” as possible, and a summery pink immediately came to mind.

Nothing makes a drink pink like pink lemonade, and Seri had the brilliant idea to add some jalapeños for an extra kick- for spice AND color!


The unexpected combo was so delightful, especially once we added the pink sugar rim.

All you need is crystallized pink sprinkles, a wide plate, and some water! Just dip the rim of you glass in the water, making sure to coat it well, and the roll it into a pile of your sugar or sprinkles, spread out evenly on your plate. Allow it to dry and avoid touching the rim when you pour your drink inside.

The best thing about martinis is that the ingredients are so minimal and easy:

-2 oz. Vodka of your choice

-2 oz. of sweetened pink lemonade

-2 slices of jalapeños

-1/4 cup sugar for garnish

Throw everything into a shaker with some ice and that’s it! Just pour and enjoy.

We hope you celebrate with our recipe tomorrow. Be sure to share on Instagram and tag @littlemissparty!