Ready, Set, Weekend with Simply Beautiful Eating

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I have to admit. I’m totally on board with super easy recipes.

Now, let me ask you something? Do these look simple to make? Hmmm…..not really.

Could they be any prettier? Nope, they couldn’t.

Oh ya, I think I have already told you that I’m not much of a chocolate lover.


I think I just heard you GASP.

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Yes, I’m the one who goes for the WHITE chocolate in the box. But really? White chocolate has no right to be called CHOCOLATE. It doesn’t deserve that title because it fails to qualify as genuine chocolate. The reasoning behind this is that it doesn’t contain chocolate solids (a.k.a. cocoa powder). So basically, white chocolate is an imposter. But… I still like it.

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HANG ON…..I’m going to admit that I’m okay with chocolate in small doses. For instance, my chocolate chunk cookies are one of my faves. I’m also partial to specific chocolate bars that I can’t resist. Give me a KIT KAT, SNICKERS BAR or a box of SMARTIES and I will be your friend forever.

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What is wrong with me??? I started telling you that I don’t like chocolate and then went on to list all the things I love that contain chocolate. Confused? Don’t be. You all know I’m a weirdo.

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Let’s talk about these truffles. I’ve had this recipe in my files for years and never made it. It was given to me by one of my mom’s friends who was slightly obsessed with Oreo Cookies. I have four recipes in her handwriting that have Oreo’s incorporated in some way, shape or form in them. I believe  her motto was – “Why bother with anything else when you can have an OREO”?

One of the best parts of my job as a food blogger is one that everyone wants to do. TASTE TESTING.

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I popped one of this into my mouth, let it slowwwly melt on my tongue and guess what? For a fleeting moment I forgot that I’m not a chocolate lover. THEY ARE THAT GOOD. So here you have it. Perfect little balls of heaven. Coated in dark chocolate and dressed to the nines.

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You are all going to run out right now. Grab a box of Oreo’s, a block of cream cheese, some chocolate bars and make these.

Do you wanna know where I went? Bon Bon Heaven and I’m not coming back. See ya, bye.

  • 1 500g box of Oreo Cookies (or any chocolate sandwich cookie)
  • 1 226g (8 oz) package of cream cheese, original full fat - room temperature
  • 2 x 100g bars good quality dark chocolate (I used 72% dark) - broken into small pieces
  • Assorted sprinkles, sugar flakes and white chocolate - optional for garnish
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  1. Place entire box of cookies into a food processor and blend until mixture becomes fine crumbs.
  2. Place cream cheese into food processor with the crumbs and blend until mixture comes away from the sides of the bowl. About one minute.
  3. Using a small cookie scoop, roll mixture into 24-27 balls and place on wax paper lined baking sheet.
  4. Place balls into fridge for at least one hour.
  5. When ready to dip, melt chocolate bar pieces in a double boiler. Remove balls from fridge. Dip each one into melted chocolate using a fork and spoon to gently slide them from the bowl onto the baking sheet. Do 4 or 5 at a time if you are decorating them with sprinkles so they will stick nicely to the chocolate.
  6. Continue dipping the rest. Once you are done, use any leftover chocolate to drizzle over the remaining balls or melt additional white chocolate for decoration.
  7. Pop them back into the fridge to harden completely.