I'm on a Lobster Boat


When the weather warms up in NYC it goes HOT.  And I mean hot.  The concrete jungle that we live in provides no relief.  There are not a lot of trees, there is not a ton of shade, it's a bit of a sweaty mess.


The good news is...Manhattan is an island!  So we are surrounded by water and with that comes some really fun and unique ways to make the best out of the heat.


Last year, Michelle discovered the North River Lobster Company and it may have been one of her best finds to date.  Basically...it's a boat that sails from Pier 81 around the west side of Manhattan along the Hudson River. You can order cocktails, eat seafood and enjoy the city views all while staying cool from the river breeze.

I took the boys on this boat ride on the first nice, warm day this June and they absolutely flipped.  They begged me to take the back ASAP so I took them AGAIN the following week. I couldn't resist. It's just so fun and I love watching them devour crab claws and oysters.


The boat leaves the dock every 90 minutes starting around 1:30pm.  You'll need to go on to their website for the exact details but once on the water you're only driving around for about 40 minutes.  You can stay on or get off once you're back at the dock.

What a fun experience and cool way to see New York City. We absolutely recommend you put this high on your summer to do list!


Thanks Maggie for Tagging along and caputring these beautiful photos!