A Rooftop Birthday Celebration


As you already know, we don't play around when it comes to special occasions... well same goes for birthdays! We always make sure we show everyone on our team some extra special love when their day comes around, no matter how crazed we are! Thats why for Maggie's birthday we through her an impromptu birthday celebration up on our office rooftop. 


In an office of 3 its pretty hard to keep secrets, considering we work within a foot of each other. So Seri and I let Maggie know we were going to throw her a little something, but that we would take care of it ALL. Little miss Maggie, our creative Director, needed to take a back seat for this one!


So the morning of I started a little earlier than usual and went and got these awesome rose gold number balloons for the birthday girl. 


Seri spent the morning on the hunt for the perfect birthday treat for our girl, who has quite the sweet tooth! She managed to find these GORG unicorn cupcakes at a local bakery. How amazing are these babies?!

Since our birthday celebration took place in the morning, I packed these breakfast boxes for each of us.... complete with a croissant, lemon donut, and some fresh fruits for us to nibble on. To give them a special touch we added some edible flowers. 


To jazz up the boxes a little, I attempted to pull a crafty Maggie - by calligraphing each of our names on the front. 

Our rooftop has a pool so we packed up some cute drink floats, some pink striped towels, and some of our favorite drink ware to serve some delicious iced coffees and rosé. 

Naturally we ended our birthday celebration with a pool float photoshoot, complete with the gorgeous NYC skyline. 

Happy Birthday Maggie! We love you!!