The day we hit the Pint Shop


Who is getting sick of seeing all the bloggers and influencers that you follow posting pics from these crazy and wild Pop Ups. I AM!! But guess what? I'm totally in the mix of 'em all and I cannot get out. HA! What even is a pop up and who was the genius who thought of these anyway??

The first one I went to was the Museum of Ice Cream in Miami. I had been seeing photos from this pop up on so many Instagram accounts that I finally said I HAVE TO GO. I quite literally flew my team to Miami JUST to go to this Museum. It was a 24 hour trip!


It was worth it, that's for sure. Not only did my girls get a burst of creative inspiration but it was amazing to see the thought, work and creativity that went behind putting this museum together. I was truly blown away. 


Since visiting the MOIC Miami, we have seen several of these "pop up" museums pop up (!) in NYC. Of course we've been intrigued and we're always looking for photo content so we started hitting a few of them up.


First we started with the Dream Machine. It was pretty cool but no MOIC, just didn't have the same level of quality. Then, we hit The Egg House and were incredibly disappointed. cousin booked a flight to NYC and sent me a link for The Pint Shop. The MOIC launched a line of ice cream for Target and opened a pop up in NYC for customers to sample all the flavors. This pop up is basically a store. They have a couple of installations great for photos but the majority of what you see is for sale.


Aside from their new ice cream they sold sprinkle crowns, tumblers, lunch bags and so much more. Additionally, they offered a ticketed tasting where you could spend 1 hour in an upstairs room learning about the process of making ice cream followed by a sampling of the new flavors that they are now selling. When you finish the tasting they give you a ticket to choose 1 pint of ice cream on your way out, flavor of your choice.


Now let me tell you this...that ice cream was FANTASTIC.  And I'm not being paid to say this.  I'm just an honest customer sharing my feedback. I chose the "Villionaire" flavor which was vanilla bean with crushed graham crackers because I knew my husband would enjoy it. He polished off that pint in one sitting, he loved every bite.

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