The First ever, Israel Summit at Harvard University

Meet my friend, Max. He's a rock star of the highest level. Max has always had a deep connection to his Judaism but began becoming an Israel advocate when he got to college and felt true anti-Israel sentiment for the first time. He became committed to combating the apathy amongst most college students and broadening the reach of Israel activism. Well, Max successfully developed, executed and succeeded in reaching 400+ students through the first ever, Israel Summit that he put on at Harvard University this April.  


Max spent countless hours on the phone securing the most incredible panel of speakers to take the stand at his summit including A'mare Stoudemire, Elie Tahari and the Former Ambassador Ron Prosor to name just a few. Max put together a team of students to help him with his mission, he raised all the funding that he needed through donations and he blew us away with his hard work and determination.


Max wanted this summit to be a day full of opportunities for the students at Harvard. He provided breakfast, lunch, as well as fireside chats with the speakers and a Tech Fair for students to learn about Israeli internships and jobs.


Now why are we talking about Max and his Israel Summit at Harvard you ask? 


Well our little dream team was behind the scenes helping out with the logistics and designs. There is so much that goes into a summit and we wanted it to go as smoothly as humanly possible for Max and his team.

Maggie, our creative director and graphically talented star, designed and produced the Israel Summit at Harvard website and every material that went along with it...including this welcome arch made by Manhattan Neon that you see us standing under. That is where we set up registration to check in the students with official lanyards, handed out customized tote bags, pens and pamphlets full of information about the day.


We brought in our trusted production partner, Big HQ to handle all of the AV, lighting and set up in the main ballroom where the speakers were presenting their thoughts and knowledge on Israel. We also had the pleasure of working closely with the Charles Hotel to coordinate hotel rooms for the guests and the use of their ballroom and lounge for all our needs on the day of the summit.


As a thank you to the guests who spent the day at this summit, Max wanted to send them home with an Israel owned bakery treat. Tatte Bakery is one of the most popular spots on campus where they serve fresh pastries, sandwiches, salads and more.


Want to see and learn more? Check out this video that Max had created with the brilliant team at Jerusalem U. Max has received a huge response from students all over the country who now want to plan a summit at their college, just like he did. He also gets calls from students thanking him for the internships that they received from the career fair that he organized. Pretty special if you ask me.