Love is love


There has been so much turmoil, sadness, disruption, and disappointment happening in our country lately. It’s so easy to let it get us down, but as usual, we do our best to find ways to celebrate each and every day. And this week, we decided to celebrate something we’ve gotten RIGHT in this country in recent years- and that’s marriage equality.


New York City recently had its Gay Pride Week celebrations, and as it was my first year here to see it, I went out to see the parade. I didn’t even realize the impact it would have on me my until I saw it right in front of my eyes. The celebration of individuality, the support of one another no matter your sexual preference or gender identity, and the pure joy of all those who were there.

It was so overwhelming I almost cried multiple times. I was so overcome with emotion watching the floats go by, seeing the crowds cheer, and most importantly, seeing people being themselves. We are lucky to live in a time where people are finally able to express themselves rather than hide away their true personalities, so despite the recent political difficulties, we can at least celebrate PRIDE and LOVE.

This inspired us to throw a little pride party right in the office. We took out all our favorite rainbow tableware, built a rainbow balloon garland filled with greenery, and had the chance to play with these amazing LOVE letters we are using for an upcoming engagement party.

And just like that, we had a gorgeous setup thats easy for anyone out to achieve if they want to celebrate their pride.


Remember, our world needs more love right now, and less hate. Love is love is love is love- don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. Support one another, encourage those around you to stay true to themselves, and remind yourself that love is the ultimate powerful tool we have access to in this world and everyone deserves to experience it.