Cocktails in the Garden


It's been HOT on the east coast. I mean HOT. Well you know what they say...? If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen! 

Not us, we're in the kitchen. That heat ain't got nothing on us.

We've always been "get outside" kinda of people in my family because if you can enjoy the great outdoors, why wouldn't you?!


Entertaining outside is my favorite. I love sitting around on the deck drinking wine and eating good food all the while chatting with my closest friends and family.


I talk to so many people who think entertaining is overwhelming or daunting. It shouldn't be though. Here are a few secrets to help those of you who have your doubts about hosting...


Get your hands on some pretty, recyclable plates. Makes for an easy clean up and you can have some fun with the color palette!


Find a few glass jars in your home (recycled pickle jar, mason jar, jam get it), fill with basil or other fresh herbs or flowers from the garden. If you have basil in the garden you can also make a homemade pesto, it's so easy and so yummy!


To eat:
Let the farm stand dictate your meal - it's summer so remember - you can pretty much grill anything! I love to serve a meal that you can graze over. Makes for a cocktail dinner party vibe. A fresh, soft cheese with homemade pesto with the basil from my garden served as the perfect side to crostini and a charcuterie platter with grilled vegetables.

Well guess what?

We want to GET YOU OUTSIDE!  Eat your way through life with us. SO we're GIVING AWAY a Cocktail Party in a Box to one lucky winner!  We want to know what your fave part of summer has been so far. It's OK to say watching US. HA!!! Leave a comment below or on today’s Instagram post and we will choose one lucky winner on Saturday morning...sometime before NOON.

Good LUCK!