DIY Geometric Wall Decor


Have you ever had a wall in your house that you just looked at and thought "BLAH"? We know how you feel. When you're constantly seeing fun new trends, it's so easy to want to change things up a bit! This easy, cheap DIY project is the perfect decor for your next party or even just to spice up a room in your house!

All you need is some yarn in any color you choose, tape, and scissors.

Step 1: Measure out some pieces of yarn to stretch at an angle from your ceiling to the floor. Tape a few pieces of yarn at an angle near the edge of your ceiling. We liked the uneven effect, placing some pieces of yarn closer together, then spacing out others.


Step 2: Pull each piece of yarn down to the floor at the same angle, so they are parallel, taping them in the same spacing as at the top.

Step 3: Continue adding pieces of different color yarn until your wall feels full and vibrant.

Step 4: Clip the ends of your string so it's even and clean.

And easy as that, you have a gorgeous new wall!

Happy crafting!