Chef Luke is making Pan-Cakes with Aunt Debi


This summer has been a revolving door of guests both friends and family. Each and every one of our guests brings something special to the table. Aunt Debi also known as Simply Beautiful Eating brought her cooking skills to the kitchen while she was visiting and we weren't sad about it. She made us every meal, every day. LUCKY ME!


Luke hadn't filmed a cooking show in awhile since it was such a busy school year and had asked if we could do some this summer. We thought, how about with Aunt Debi!


Luke wanted to make Pan-Cakes. And by make pancakes I mean stack up frozen pancakes to look like a cake and then decorate them with all kinds of junk.


Honestly?  It was a pretty brilliant idea.

Luke put his chefs hat on and started building his pancake with layers of whip cream, sprinkles, more whip cream and sprinkles. He was pretty proud of his creation.


Meanwhile, Aunt Debi styled a stunning cake using fresh fruit, mint and powdered sugar. Woah. What a beauty!  After posting both of their pan-cakes on Instagram we got a ton of feedback from followers saying that's the cake I want for my birthday! Chef Luke was so flattered he would like to start selling this pan-cake on the open market. 


Watch how it all went down here and stay tuned for more cooking with Chef Luke soon!

Seri Kertzner1 Comment