How about a Puzzle Party?


So at some, later in your life, you reach an age where...puzzles become cool again and you're like...let's do a puzzle tonight (on a Saturday night)!  It's kinda therapeutic wouldn't you say?

Now what kind of puzzle person are you?  Do you like a good challenge?

Well if you do...check this out....

Aunt Debi better now known as Simply Beautiful Eating, has four of her prettiest photographs to date on the latest launch of the #FoodPorn Puzzles and guess what? We are obsessed.


Aunt Debi was visiting last week and the puzzles just so happened to hit our nearest Target the day before she was leaving. We RAN there. We stalked out a salesgirl who told us the puzzles were not yet on the shelves. We made her go to the back stock room to pull whatever she could find and there you had it folks...Aunt Debi's name and photos were all over the boxes!  GAH. We died.  What an incredible accomplishment and what a brilliant idea for a puzzle!

Of course Aunt Debi bought both and then she so kindly gifted them to Adam and his parents.

Shelly and Stu (Adam's parents) were all over it and finished within a few days. Then Adam started his and got through the border and some insides but left it sitting on the table for us to party with and Aunti Marissa to swoop in and finish it all!


With all the excitement around these puzzles I can't help but want to GIVE ONE AWAY! And Guess What.  So does Aunti Debi!  And wait it gets better....we are giving away a party to go with it. Let's call it the PUZZLE PARTY!


We are going to draw two winners.  One from Canada and one from the United States. Each lucky winner will receive a Little Miss Party in a Box and a Simply Beautiful Eating #FoodPorn puzzle. It's our gift to you, this is not sponsored.


First, Please make sure you're following @LittleMissParty and @SimplyBeautifulEating on Instagram to qualify to enter...
Second, tell us who you want to puzzle party with! For each friend you tag you'll receive an entry into the draw.
LAST but not least...please let us know if you're Red+White or Red+White+Blue

Winner will be drawn on our story sometime on MONDAY.  

Good Luck!!

Seri KertznerComment