DIY Party Clock


No matter what time of day here at LMP, we are always ready to PARTY. So we thought, why not make a clock that gets us? A clock that lets us know we can party all day, every day? 

Therefore, we decided to bring you the DIY Party Clock- and essential decor piece for the LMP office and any space to feed your inner party girl. Follow the steps below to make it yourself!


Here's what you'll need:

1. Blank Wooden Clock via Target

2. Paint (in any colors you choose for your own clock) via Michaels

3. Liquid Gold Leaf via Amazon

4. Paint Brushes

5. Pencil and Sharpie

6. Painters tape

Step 1: Paint your clock and set it aside to dry for at least 1 hour.

Step 2: Add the gold leaf to the edge of your clock face once the paint is dry.


Step 3: Divide up your clock face evenly by marking 12 ticks around the circle where each "party" will go. Feel free to use our template, cut it out, and add marks along the edges.

Step 4: Use pencil to draw each "Party" around the face of the clock before going over it in black Sharpie marker. We printed our template with a few fun fonts to copy as we went, so feel free to choose your own!

Step 5: Use the soft eraser on your pencil and the gold leaf to create confetti dots all around your clock face.

Step 6: Use the instructions provided with your clock to assemble the battery pack and attach the hands before hanging up on your wall.


Now it's time to PARTY! All the time. Happy crafting!



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