Popped by the Color Factory


Last week we were invited to preview the latest NYC Pop up by The Color Factory. I expected this to be one of the good ones...and it lived up to the hype.


One of the master minds behind the color factory movement is an old school blogger who I have always loved following, Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day. I was super excited to be greeted by her when we first walked into the space. Jordan has always been a source of inspiration for both me and my team providing so many unique and creative party ideas through her Instagram feed and blog.

This particular pop up was very well thought through. There were several artists and familiar brands who partnered with the Color Factory to shine through the space with their creative visions and art. This pop up very much read and felt like a museum through out.


Of course as we walked through the different rooms, we took a ton of photos. It's interesting how these pop up installations are made for social media. They are made to capture creative moments through photographs and videos. I do think it would be nice to bring my kids to see this particular installation but they would have no interest in posing for the photos and that's OK. I would want them to enjoy the experience without me hounding them to SMILE for the camera every thirty seconds. I also think the color factory would be a pretty fascinating place for us to take out of town guests, especially our friends from Toronto since these pop ups have yet to show up there yet...

Thanks so much to The Color Factory team for the sneak peak. We really enjoyed our day there!

Seri KertznerComment