Rosh Hashana Tablescaping


Every year when the high Jewish holidays roll around, I always offer to host. I love to host these holiday dinners for a few of reasons…

  1. I get to come up with a stunning tablescape and c’mon….what do I love more than a stunning tablescape?!

  2. I get to cook all of my family’s favorite recipes each one more delicious than the next. Many of you have been asking for Aunt Debi’s meatball recipe after seeing it on my story at 1am the other night so here you have it!

  3. I get to be with my family and friends.


This year, I went with an orange and pink setting down the middle of the table. Dahlia’s are in season this time of year and are my absolute favorite.


We had a new set of dishes from a recent event so I used them as our main plate for the table setting along with our shiny gold utensils that I love from CB2. I was so happy with how the table turned out!


For the name cards, we got small jars of honey and wrapped the top with fabric to make them extra pretty. Maggie cut out honeycomb shapes and topped with a piece of vellum paper with each guests name written on top so there was no confusion about where to sit at the table which always makes things so much easier when it’s time to start dinner!

On the bar cart I set up wine, bubbly and glasses for our guests to help themselves. I had a set of JOY letter vases from the Oh Joy! for Target collection that I turned into OY vases with more dahlias from the market. These were set up on my console table where I served a charcuterie board to start off with followed by a dinner buffet.


We drank good wine, ate till we popped and enjoyed each other’s company until we quite literally passed out on the couch. All of us.

Happy New Year! And as we Jews say, L’Shana Tova.

Seri Kertzner2 Comments