Turning 40 with style


Not everyone is the type to want a party. Some people, unlike myself, do not like the attention to be turned to them. That’s my best friend Lindsey. She does and does and does EVERYTHING for EVERYONE ELSE. She is the most selfless, kind, loving person I know and I’m so lucky to have a friend like Lindsey in my life.


Lindsey and I met when we were 17 years old at Camp. She’s like a sister to me and I would do anything for her. So when her husband called and asked if I’d help him plan her 40th birthday I screamed YES OF COURSE!


There was no theme to this party because that wouldn’t be very Lindsey so instead I presented her with a soft and stylish color palette so I had something to play off of when designing the decor for her party. The colors were grey, mustard yellow, light pink and peach. They worked perfectly together.

The party was going to be in the office where Lindsey and her husband work. It’s a great space to play with because it’s all black, white and gold and tastefully designed. I started looking into Toronto vendors to bring in and help execute the decor and quickly realized it would be way more efficient to just fly in Crafty Maggie. My cousin Daniella also wanted to help us out so we brought her on board and it was clearly the right decision because these two nailed it with the decor…

At the front where the guests would enter, the girls created a small balloon garland that we styled together with tons of fresh flowers. Dahlias are now in season and I found them in the exact colors of our palette. Where did I get all those vases you ask? MY SISTER! How convenient is that?! Thanks Mandy!


The girls created another, much larger balloon garland as the focal point in the space where dancing would take place. We brought in a couple of beautiful cakes made by Crumb and Berry and topped them each with some of our fresh florals and greenery. I had also asked Crumb and Berry to make red velvet cupcakes with succulents on top which she carefully crafted with icing. They were so gorgeous and delicious!

We had Elle Cuisine come in to cater the party. Their food was spot on and the service was impeccable. Lindsey’s favorite cocktail is an Aperol Spritz so we made that the signature drink for the night and it was a huge hit at the bar.

Daniella had geometric, gold frames leftover from her wedding and let us borrow them so Maggie got all crafty and made an assortment of custom designs for us to frame and style around the space.

The music was pumping all night and we danced our pants off. As a late night send off for all guests to grab on their way out the door, Lindsey’s dear friend Amy arranged for custom cookies. These beauties were made by Lindsey Bakes who has the most amazing gallery on her website.


Last but not least, is the photographer for the evening. Lindsey had a friend who she works with and connected me with her to capture all the great moments from the evening. Danielle Wilson was the sweetest human ever. She was so attentive to all of our photography needs and wanted nothing more than to make Lindsey happy with the photos.


I felt so honored to be involved in this special celebration and loved every moment of that evening. Happy 40th Lindsey! Hoping all of your wishes come true.