A Colorful St. Patrick's Day Cocktail Party


If you’re anything like the LMP team, you love a good reason to throw a party. And if you’re Irish like me, you especially love to throw a party for St. Patrick’s Day. Growing up, my mom always made it a point to decorate for this fun holiday. As I got older and lived in cities that loved to celebrate (Boston and NYC!), I also made it a point to join in the fun.

We decided to throw a St. Patrick’s Day cocktail party in the office, and I immediately though about COLOR. I’m always on the lookout for a good excuse to use rainbow decor when we’re setting up for parties at the LMP headquarters and I figured St. Patrick’s Day was the PERFECT excuse to bring some color into our lives. Getting through this dreary winter is hard enough, so why not follow the rainbow in the hopes of finding a pot of gold at the end?

I wanted to create a cocktail party table that was easy, quick, and using items we already had in the office. I used tons of colorful yarn we had leftover from an event to create a rainbow yarn runner. All you need is yarn, tape, and scissors. Seriously, that’s it! Just line your strands of yarn in stripes and tape them under the table to achieve this look. We also had a little four leaf clover hole punch which I used to punch confetti for the table. I pulled out some gold paper garlands from Minted and hung them up as a wall decoration- they look just like a leprechaun’s gold coins! If you don’t have the time to order these, they would be easy to achieve with an oversized circle punch and gold paper from your local craft store!

Seri ran out to buy a rainbow of drinks for our gold bucket, white tulips, and some mint and rosemary to garnish our drinks. We threw the flowers into gold bud vases and arranged the rest in a black teapot- how cute is that! Just like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


Once it was all set up, we added some straws, glassware and liquors so our drink station would be complete. The nice thing about setting up a cocktail table like this one is that everyone can really help themselves and make their own drink- whether you have kids coming over who just want the juice, or adults who are only in the mood for a glass of sparkling water, you have a choice for everyone.

We poured up some drinks, including a little Goldshlager’s, which we love because of it’s gold flecks! We also rounded out our rainbow of colorful drinks with a dash of food coloring. You don’t need more than a tiny drop and suddenly your guests will be drinking the rainbow! We just hope you’re able to find the pot of gold at the end of it….


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!