Showering Brides Through the Years

One of the most important days for a bride to be is the day of her bridal shower. It’s a day to give advice, well wishes, and prepare for the big day.

Make the bride to be’s day full of amazing decor, games, and fun with some of our favorite tips!

Singin’ in the Rain

Does the bride to be have a favorite play, movie, or musical that they are obsessed with? Play that into your theme and decor! For instance, a few years back we did a Singing in the Rain themed shower because our bride loved musicals. We found small ways to implement this into the decor without making it look cheesy. Like these cute mini umbrellas we added to go down the table alongside bud vases full of florals & photos of the bride.

One of the best ways we brought this theme into the decor was that we made each of the place settings have a “playbill” that was actually a menu. We were able to personalize it with her name & shower date. We also added these miniature light post place card settings to compliment each place setting.

A Parisian Shower


For this shower, the venue really spoke for itself. It was truly gorgeous in there! Which is the decor was really just a bonus. We did some very minimal things to compliment the space and focused more on personal touches.


Some of the personal ways we added decor to the space was by having the bride to be’s class (she’s a teacher) draw pictures and write well wishes to her. Then just put the pictures and sweet messages in frames and you’ve got a ton of super cute decor.

As activities for the guests there were fun interact things like “Write a Fun Date Night Idea” and “Guess How Many Hot Lips Are in a Jar”. They are both so fun and inexpensive!



Have a bride who’s from another city or is getting married in a fun location? You can use that as the theme as well! When Seri first started the business she had a friend who was from New Orleans and was getting married there as well! So it was only fitting that her bridal shower be an ode to her!


This shower took place in an apartment so there needed to be decor that would work in a small space. That’s why we set up a cool Mardi Gras themed dessert table where we were able to bring in the colors and masks associated with this special event.



Does your bride to be have a passion for something awesome? Whether it be the environment, animals, etc, incorporate this into your theme! A few years ago we did just that for a NYC teacher. The trick is to bring in tasteful decor that represents this passion without it looking cheesy.

Some of our favorite decor elements for this were things like these gold apple place card holders and these “After School Snacks” favor boxes.

Hopefully these ideas and tips sparked some inspiration for your upcoming bridal celebrations. Happy Celebrating!